Marlon Vera wants to make Sean O’Malley ‘quit’ in the rematch

Marlon Vera shares his thoughts on fighting Sean O'Malley for the rematch.

by Aryan Lakhani
Marlon Vera wants to make Sean O’Malley ‘quit’ in the rematch
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The ultimate bantamweight title fight is just a few months away (9th March 2024); Sean O’Malley’s first title defense will be a mission of getting vengeance. This is a title fight and also a rematch opportunity where O’Malley can right his wrongs and show the world why he deserves to be the bantamweight champion.

Marlon Vera can foresee the same outcome, as he’s very confident in his skills and abilities as a fighter. Marlon Vera believes he will make Sean O’Malley quit and snatch everything away from him to become the new bantamweight champion of the world.

Marlon Vera on Sean O’Malley rematch

Recently, on Believe You Me podcast, Marlon Vera explained how he looks forward to winning. “I beat the out of him and walk away with a bag of cash and the belt,” Vera said, as quoted by “I really believe I’m going to make him quit.

I really believe I’m going to make him just be a shell of himself and just kick his, almost like beg me to stop kind of thing.He’s really good at catching you coming in, but at the level of striking that someone like Aljamain is, head in the middle, just swinging left and right, not even seeing the target, that’s a very poor, low-level striking game.

He’s (Sterling) so good of an athlete and a very good wrestler that he managed to figure it out, how to just go like a zombie and get a hold of the leg. With me, it’s different. I’m making math in my head in there.

Marlon Vera confident in his abilities

“I’ll be ready. I’ll be prepared. I just know that the moment we start fighting, I know everything I’ve been through, so I’m going to get that belt. I’m going to go through him, I’m going to stop him, and I’m going to be world champion”.

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