Paddy Pimblett Eyes Bobby Green and Grant Dawson After Tony Ferguson Clash

It is obvious that Paddy is also aware that there are many very difficult matches waiting for him among the ranked lightweight fighters

by Sededin Dedovic
Paddy Pimblett Eyes Bobby Green and Grant Dawson After Tony Ferguson Clash
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Paddy Pimblett is set to return to the UFC Octagon at UFC 296, fighting legendary lightweight Tony Ferguson. Despite the high-profile nature of the bout, Pimblett indicated he does not expect a win over Ferguson to earn him a top-15 spot in the lightweight rankings.

"I'll be honest, I don't see myself being ranked in the top 15 after beating Tony," Pimblett told the Energized Show. "Bobby Green didn't either, and Bobby Green fought him before me and beat him, you know what I mean? So I see myself fighting someone like that; Bobby Green, Grant Dawson, someone who's going to get me a rank." Pimblett's comments suggest he is focused on securing fights that will move him up the lightweight rankings, rather than facing opponents who won't significantly affect his position.

Bobby Green and Grant Dawson are both experienced UFC fighters currently ranked in the lightweight division. A win over either fighter would likely put Pimblett in contention for a ranked opponent in his next bout.

Young Brit wants McGregor

Pimblett has also expressed interest in facing Conor McGregor, who is rumored to be looking to return to the UFC in 2024.

"Especially if the big guy McGregor comes and fights at UFC 300. It would be nice to have another fight like that, another payday before I climb the ladder," Pimblett said. A fight against McGregor would undoubtedly be a huge payoff for Pimblett, and it would also be a huge opportunity for him to showcase his skills on the big stage.

However, it's important to note that McGregor is a much more dangerous opponent than either Green or Dawson, and a loss could derail Pimblett's promotion to the lightweight division. Overall, Pimblett's comments suggest he is taking a calculated approach to his career and is focused on making the right decisions to move up the lightweight rankings.

Beating Ferguson is the first step in that process, but Pimblett is focused on bigger and better things ahead. Although Tony is not what he used to be, such a fighter and legend of the sport should not be underestimated.

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