Bisping advises Aspinall that he needs to awaken the competitive side inside Jones

Michael Bisping claims that Aspinall needs to defend his interim belt in order to be interesting to Jones

by Sededin Dedovic
Bisping advises Aspinall that he needs to awaken the competitive side inside Jones
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The UFC heavyweight division is in the spotlight after the recent events surrounding Jon Jones, Stipe Miocic and Tom Aspinall. At the UFC 295 event earlier this month, Aspinall defeated Sergej Pavlovic to win the interim heavyweight belt after Jones canceled his fight against Miocic.

This left the division in a state of limbo, with three potential champions fighting for the top spot. It is not yet known exactly when the champion Jon Jones will return, so there is a lot of impatient main challengers. Aspinall is still only the interim UFC heavyweight champion.

Aspinall has been vocal about his desire to face either Jones or Miocic, and Bisping feels he needs to be more proactive to make the fight happen. "I can't for the life of me imagine Tom Aspinall sitting around waiting for the next 18 months or however long," Bisping said on his YouTube channel.

"I think he's going to have to give him some work, I think he's going to defend that interim belt, which will be good for creating a narrative around Tom."

Everything depends on Stipe Miocic

Aspinall defending the interim belt would be a smart move, as it would help solidify his position as a top contender.

It would also create animosity with Jones, which could further fuel the desire for a fight between the two. That's what Michael Bisping thinks: "I think the more times he defends that belt, the more fans will feel that he's the one, that he's actually the real champion." Such things can create animosity with Jon Jones, it awakens his real, competitive side that is inside Jones,'' he said.

However, the real question is what Miocic will do. The former two-time heavyweight champion has been hinting at retirement, but has yet to make a final decision. If Miocic does decide to retire, it would pave the way for a fight between Aspinall and Jones.

Ultimately, the UFC will have to decide what to do with the heavyweight division. They could strip Jones of the title and make Aspinall the undisputed champion, or they could wait for Miocic to make a decision. Regardless of what they decide, the heavyweight division is sure to be exciting to watch in the months to come.

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