Chris Eubank Jr shares his thoughts on UFC fighter’s pay

Chris Eubank Jr not happy to see fighters not getting paid up to the level they deserve.

by Aryan Lakhani
Chris Eubank Jr shares his thoughts on UFC fighter’s pay
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The UFC has been given a bad impression when it comes to fighters' pay; Chris Eubank Jr is among the many people who recognize it. Fighters who have built their name in UFC have nothing much to worry about when it comes to receiving rightfully; however, a large percentage of fighters have complained about not getting paid enough.

Jake Paul, Francis Ngannou and many other individuals tried to raise their voices against this issue faced. However, nothing concrete has changed, which is why fans have witnessed so many MMA fighters switching from MMA to Boxing, as boxing has been given an impression of securing large fortunes.

Chris Eubank Jr on UFC fighter pay

Recently on The MMA Hour, Chris Eubank Jr spoke about unfair pay in UFC. “It’s just entertaining,” Eubank said, as quoted by “I like everything about the UFC except how Dana [White]’s monopolized it and how those guys aren’t getting paid anywhere near as much as we’re making in boxing.

But that’s the only downside to the sport, in my opinion. A perfect example is Ngannou. In boxing, you have promoters all over the world, you have associations ... all these different outfits of fighting for the best fighters, the best shows, they’re all like, ‘Come with us and we’ll pay you this.’ The competition is so huge that they’re always going to pay fighters more, whereas Dana doesn’t have to compete with anybody so he can pay you whatever he wants.

In terms of business, he’s cracked it. You’ve got to give the guy credit from a business perspective. But from a moral perspective, these guys, they’re risking their lives, they’re having to go through hell and back to train and prepare and get in the octagon and fight, and they’re not being compensated like they should be, in my opinion.

So it sucks. As a fighter, it sucks. But what can you do? You can’t do anything until there’s more competition”.