Dustin Poirier: From MMA Stardom to Boxing Dreams

One of the UFC's best lightweight fighters looked back on his fighting beginnings

by Sededin Dedovic
 Dustin Poirier: From MMA Stardom to Boxing Dreams
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In the wake of Francis Ngannou's successful foray into boxing, the allure of the squared circle seems to be beckoning to more UFC fighters, and Dustin Poirier is among those expressing their desire to step into the ring. Poirier, renowned for his exceptional striking prowess, has long harbored boxing aspirations, believing his skills could translate into success in the world of professional boxing.

Poirier's boxing inclinations stem from his early days in combat sports. Before embracing mixed martial arts, Poirier was drawn to the discipline and athleticism of boxing. He recalls watching boxing matches with admiration, inspired by the resilience and determination of the fighters.

This passion led him to pursue boxing training, where he honed his striking skills and developed a deep appreciation for the sport. Poirier's impressive boxing pedigree is evident in his MMA performances. He has consistently showcased his striking dominance, utilizing his precise punching combinations and footwork to outmaneuver opponents.

His boxing prowess has earned him the reputation of one of the best strikers in the UFC, leaving many to believe he could excel in the boxing ring.

Dustin is aware that the UFC will not allow him to box

Despite his boxing aspirations, Poirier acknowledges the challenges posed by his UFC contract and the organization's reluctance to sanction boxing endeavors.

With five or six fights remaining under his UFC contract and the pressures of age, Poirier recognizes the limitations of pursuing his boxing dreams while fulfilling his UFC commitments. Nonetheless, Poirier's love for boxing remains unwavering.

He envisions a boxing match before the conclusion of his fighting career, relishing the opportunity to test his skills against the best in the world of boxing. The prospect of stepping into the ring and showcasing his boxing talents against formidable opponents remains an unfulfilled dream.

The impression is that Dustin is still aware that the UFC will not allow him boxing adventures, boxing will probably remain an unfulfilled dream for Dustin Poirier. Who will be the next MMA fighter who will want a boxing match because Ngannou has inspired so many?

Dustin Poirier