Alex Pereira believes Jamahal Hill’s statement indicated over-confidence

Alex Pereira shares his thoughts on Jamahal Hill's knockout predictions.

by Aryan Lakhani
Alex Pereira believes Jamahal Hill’s statement indicated over-confidence
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Jamahal Hill is confirmed to get a direct title shot once he’s fully recovered; Hill believes he will be back after the 2nd quarter of 2024. Recently, when Jamahal Hill was asked how he would perform against Alex Pereira, his reply was quite simple – he believed he would outperform Alex Pereira solely with striking and predicted a knockout win with no wrestling involved.

Alex Pereira believes Jamahal Hill is being over-confident by making such predictions. Both fighters are bound to clash at some point in the future, and it will be very interesting to see if Jamahal Hill can walk his talk.

Alex Pereira on Jamahal Hill’s knockout threat

During a live Q & A session on YouTube, Alex Pereria responded to Jamahal Hill’s predictions for their potential title fight. “Everybody saw that he was saying he will knock me out and he won’t wrestle me, he will stay in the striking and he will knock me out,” Pereira said as quoted by

“Sure, obviously every guy who could be the next [challenger] for the champion will start talking, but I think he’s a little bit [overconfident]. I never said I will knock someone out or whatever because you are in a fight camp, you prepare yourself, you have to focus on the fight, and I always say I will give you guys a good fight and a good show, but predicting what happens is a little bit difficult and I think he’s a little bit [overconfident] with everything that he’s saying.

Because all the people are always trying it and I’m sure he wants to strike, but when he sees it’s not working, he will go on the ground as well. This is what happened in the other fights too. I think Jamahal is a good fight for me, and I think he was a little bit [overconfident] with his statement”.

Alex Pereira