Sean O’Malley shares his thoughts on Aljamain Sterling fighting at 145

Sean O’Malley explains why he thinks Aljamain Sterling won't fight in the featherweight division.

by Aryan Lakhani
Sean O’Malley shares his thoughts on Aljamain Sterling fighting at 145
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The former UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling sustained his position as the king of the division for a very long time; however, Sean O’Malley took everything away from him. Sterling didn’t show much interest in securing an immediate rematch with O’Malley due to which Marlon Vera was prioritized as the next title challenger.

O’Malley will defend his belt against Marlon Vera on 9th March 2024 in the rematch. Sterling could make a jump to the featherweight division, as he has mentioned it many times. Fighting at 145 pounds is far healthier and closer to his natural weight.

However, O’Malley believes Aljamain Sterling does not have what it takes to make the jump.

Sean O’Malley on Aljmain Sterling fighting at 145

Recently on The MMA Hour, Sean O’Malley explained why he thinks Aljmain Sterling won’t take the step to enter the featherweight division.

“I like Aljo, he’s a good dude. I really never said anything bad about him. I think if he goes up to ‘45, it’d be super interesting. I think there’s a lot of interesting fights up there at ‘45,” O’Malley said, as quoted by “I think his weight gets big enough for that.

You know, I’m probably 160 [pounds] right now, I probably [won’t] get over this. He’s probably 175. Like, it just doesn’t make sense to go back to ‘35, for his health, for his longevity. I think there’s certain matchups at ‘45 that he could do good [with].

What about Aljo versus, like, Brian Ortega? That’s a sweet fight”. O’Malley on Sterling not confirming moving up in weight: “He’ll probably go back down to ‘35, just because he’s insecure and he wants to be stronger and bigger than these guys,”Why else would he not fight at ‘45? It’s not like his skills aren’t there.

His skills, he’s good. Not as good as me, but he’s good. You know what I mean? He could go up to ‘45, I think he’d do fine up there”.

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