Eubank Jr. criticized Dana:Fighters in the UFC risk their lives for miserable salary

The well-known boxer revealed what he sees as the biggest flaw of UFC and MMA sport in general

by Sededin Dedovic
Eubank Jr. criticized Dana:Fighters in the UFC risk their lives for miserable salary
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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) stands as the pinnacle of mixed martial arts (MMA), captivating audiences worldwide with its thrilling blend of combat disciplines. However, amidst the spectacle and excitement, a contentious issue persists: the underpayment of UFC fighters.

Despite the UFC's immense popularity and multi-billion dollar valuations, many fighters are struggling to make ends meet. The organization's tiered pay structure, with salaries ranging from $10,000 to $3 million per fight, heavily favors top-tier athletes, leaving many on the lower end struggling to cover training expenses and living costs.

This disparity is particularly glaring when compared to other major sporting leagues, where revenue sharing agreements ensure that athletes receive a significant portion of the league's earnings. In contrast, the UFC's revenue sharing model allocates a much smaller percentage to its fighters, leading to concerns about fair compensation.

The UFC has no competition

Critics argue that the UFC's financial dominance and lack of competition in the MMA landscape have enabled it to dictate fighter pay, stifling market forces that could lead to better compensation.

This lack of competition has also made it difficult for fighters to unionize or collectively bargain for better terms. Famous boxer Chris Eubank Jr. gave his review as a guest on the MMA Hour. "I like everything about the UFC, except for the way Dana White has established a monopoly and their fighters don't get paid anywhere near the numbers we make in boxing.

But that's the only downside, at least in my opinion.' ', Eubank began, before pointing out that the UFC will probably never pay the amount of money that is paid to the big boxers for their performances. "It's impossible. In the UFC, you have a guy who has monopolized the entire MMA world.

If you don't take what Dana gives you, bye, find another place where you plan to fight, and Ngannou is a perfect example. In boxing, you have promoters all over the world, you have organizations, so many different groups fighting to get the rights to the best fighters and the best events.

There is huge competition and everyone is always trying to pay more than others. Dana White doesn't have to compete with anyone, so yours truly can pay as much as they want. On the business side, he blew it. You have to give him respect from that business perspective.

But on the moral side, those fighters, they risk their lives, they have to go through hell and back to get ready to fight, and they're not getting paid the way they should be. That's bad, but what to do? You can't do anything until there's competition,'' Eubank Jr. said. and actually clarified the entire issue.