Ailín Pérez earned an incredible amount of money from Only Fans after her last fight

More and more famous personalities and athletes decide to record content for Only Fans

by Sededin Dedovic
Ailín Pérez earned an incredible amount of money from Only Fans after her last fight
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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital content creation and unconventional revenue streams, UFC fighter Ailín Pérez has found a unique way to maximize her earnings beyond the octagon. The fighter recently went viral for her post-victory celebration at a Saturday UFC event, and it turns out that the buzz surrounding her unconventional festivities played a pivotal role in her financial success.

In a recent interview on The MMA Hour, Pérez revealed that her OnlyFans account experienced a surge in engagement following the viral celebration. The content creator platform, known for its adult content, became an unexpected source of income for Pérez, surpassing the earnings she received from her victorious fight.

"From last Thursday until today, it was more than $30,000," Pérez shared through a translator, emphasizing the significant boost in her finances thanks to the newfound attention on OnlyFans.

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The $30,000 figure is noteworthy, especially considering it exceeds the amount Pérez mentioned receiving for her recent UFC victory, which was already a considerable sum.

Several female fighters, including UFC and BKFC veteran Paige VanZant, have previously highlighted the financial benefits of joining platforms like OnlyFans. VanZant even claimed that the money she made from a single day on the platform exceeded her entire fight earnings.

Pérez, a former amateur dancer, sees OnlyFans as a lucrative avenue to support her martial arts career and enhance her overall quality of life. "I use OnlyFans because that's where I earn the most. After all, I could buy a car with this money.

I'm in the UFC because I love to fight. This is a challenge I've set for myself in life, and I fight because I love it, but I make money which I have on OnlyFans," she explained. Despite her financial success on the platform, Pérez remains focused on her UFC career and aims for a contract extension to increase her earnings.

While acknowledging the financial constraints of her current contract, she emphasized that her primary motivation for stepping into the Octagon is the love of the sport and the personal challenge it presents. "I hope to get a new contract extension because that's what I really want.

I'm not earning that much right now, but I have to win, and everything will work out," Pérez concluded, underscoring her determination to succeed both in and out of the ring.