Henry Cejudo: Justin Gaethje could be the first guy to actually knock out Holloway


Henry Cejudo: Justin Gaethje could be the first guy to actually knock out Holloway
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The upcoming fight between Justin Gaethje and Max Holloway is getting a lot of attention. However, the exact date for their clash is still unknown. In a recent interview, Henry Cejudo shared his thoughts on the potential match.

While he respects both fighters, Cejudo leans toward one of them, believing Gaethje has the advantage.
“Who is it that’s more likely going to win? Man, I love the fact that Max Holloway is taking this fight,” Cejudo said on his YouTube channel, as quoted by mmajunkieusatoday.com!

“I love the fact that he’s creating a story for the BMF. But when it comes to a guy who throws volume (Holloway) vs. a guy who likes to throw power (Gaethje), and he does it very well, and has been putting people to sleep … He’s too dangerous."

Henry Cejudo shares his opinion

Cejudo believes that this could be the match in which Holloway will be knocked out for the first time in his career.

His size and strength are why Henry expects a hard fight for Holloway. Many share his opinion, but we know how many times predictions have turned out to be wrong. Max is certainly a fighter who can cause problems for Cejudo. “He’s got too much power for a guy like Max Holloway.

He’s going to chop Max Holloway’s legs. He’s going to calf kick him, he’s going to bring in those crazy uppercuts, and he may be the first guy to actually knock out Max Holloway. You have to give it to Justin ‘The Highlight’ Gaethje.

I’ve got him by either TKO or KO. He’s just too big and he’s too strong. He’s going to go out there and try to get rid of Holloway within two to three rounds”. This is a match that would generate huge interest. Recently, the famous manager, Ali Abdelaziz, asked the fans via social media if they would like to see that match.

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