Bobby Green seeking for a new opponent, Rafael Dos Anjos and Jared Gordon responded

Bobby Green wants to see who's daring enough to show up on 10 days short notice.

by Aryan Lakhani
Bobby Green seeking for a new opponent, Rafael Dos Anjos and Jared Gordon responded
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Bobby Green is seeking a new opponent after Dan Hooker announced a last-minute withdrawal owing to a broken arm. Bobby wants to fight a worthy opponent and is looking forward to seeing who steps up on short notice. Interestingly, a few fighters did respond; it will be fascinating to see who the UFC matches him up with next.

Jared Gordon confirmed that he would be ready to show up via a tweet. How interesting would that be? The last time they fought, the judges declared a controversial decision in favor of Jared Gordon. Bobby Green successfully knocked out Gordon, but since an accidental headclash was involved, the match was declared a no-contest.

Only one way to clear the doubts, and that’s a rematch!Apart from Jared Gordon, Rafael Dos Anjos showed interest in facing Bobby Green. RDA said that he would be ready to fight him at 165-170.

Bobby Green on getting a new opponent

In a recent Instagram post, Bobby Green expressed how he wants to see who’s willing to show up in such a critical situation.

“I want to see who’s gangster like me,” Green said, as quoted by “I fought on 10 days’ notice. I went on two weeks’ notice. I have made weight, passed out, my lungs collapsed and everything on two weeks’ notice.

I done did it all. Let me see who gangster like me. I guarantee don’t nobody step up. Let’s find out.I’ve been listening to y’all, I’ve been listening. I see all y’all. All y’all can get it.

All y’all”. In the worst case scenario, Bobby Green may be removed from the card, and the UFC may ask him to fight at a later date. We shall have concrete information on Bobby Green's opponent on any day from now.