McGregor can't get over his last loss to Dustin Poirier

The Notorius wants another match with Dustin, he thinks that's how they'll settle things

by Sededin Dedovic
McGregor can't get over his last loss to Dustin Poirier
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Conor McGregor cannot come to terms with his defeats against Dustin Poirier, he wants them to meet in the octagon for the fourth time and to solve this story once and for all. Dustin Poirier is the last man Conor McGregor fought.

The Irishman was first knocked out in January 2021 in Abu Dhabi, then six months later in Las Vegas he broke his leg, so he also lost this fight by technical knockout. The controversial Irishman seems to still not be able to come to terms with the defeat even though it has been almost 3 years.

The Notorious has a 2014 win over Poirier. He believes that because of the broken leg, the victory in the third confrontation should not go to 'Diamond' and publicly requested a new match on social networks. Poirier is ready to accept the invitation of the controversial Irishman.

He doesn't see the point, but he would gladly shut his mouth, just because he talks a lot. "I'd probably agree to plug his mouth once and for all. But even if I kick his ass again he's still going to talk. We'll see. I don't know what's going on with his fight against Chandler.

I don't see the point, but I'd agree," Poirier said. .

Conor referred to Dustin's wife in a negative context

In the January 2021 match, Conor was extremely nice to Dustin. Everything was friendly, but already before the next confrontation, the insults started, especially towards Mrs.

Poirier. Conor himself is known not to think about what he will say to whom. Conor McGregor has been announcing a big comeback ever since that night. He often publishes pictures of training to show what kind of shape he is in and to announce his return, but that has not happened yet.

It's been two and a half years and it's still being talked about, and Michael Chandler was announced as a potential opponent. Still, nothing is official and it won't be a surprise if the Irishman eventually gets what he wants and does another match with Poirier.

McGregor has fought a total of 28 fights in his MMA career and has a record of 22 wins and six losses. On the other hand, Poirier has a record of 29 wins, six losses and one no contest match. Whoever will be the opponent of the Irishman, he will surely make sure to hype that match.

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