Colby Covington: I'm going to break Edwards down mentally and physically

Covington claims that his wrestling will decide this match

by Sededin Dedovic
Colby Covington: I'm going to break Edwards down mentally and physically
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Colby Covington is determined to get back to the top of the welterweight division and reclaim the UFC title. The former two-time title challenger has been granted a shot at the belt against current champion Leon Edwards, and he's confident that he has what it takes to bring the gold back to the United States.

Covington's path to a title shot has been met with some criticism, as he has only one win in his last four fights. However, he's quick to point out that his two losses to former champion Kamaru Usman were the only blemishes on his otherwise impressive record.

He also notes that his most recent victory over Jorge Masvidal was a dominant performance that earned him a #1 ranking in the welterweight division. Edwards, on the other hand, has been on a tear in recent years, winning nine consecutive fights before capturing the title from Usman.

He's a well-rounded fighter with a solid striking game and a strong grappling background. However, Covington believes that his own wrestling prowess will give him the edge in this fight. "I'm the best wrestler in the welterweight division," Covington said in a recent interview.

"And I'm going to use my wrestling to take Leon down and control him for the entire fight. He won't be able to handle my pressure."

Covington is confident in his mental strength

Covington is also confident that his mental toughness will be a major factor in this fight.

He's known for his trash talk and his ability to get under his opponents' skin. He believes that this will give him a psychological advantage over Edwards. "Leon Edwards is a tough fighter," Covington said. "But he's not mentally strong enough to handle me.

I'm going to break him down mentally and physically. This is my moment to take what's mine." The fight between Covington and Edwards is set to take place on December 16 at UFC 296. It's sure to be an exciting and closely contested match, and the winner will be crowned the new undisputed UFC welterweight champion.

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