Robert Whittaker responds to Brendon Allen’s call out

Robert Whittaker shares his thoughts on Brendon Allen calling out top contenders.

by Aryan Lakhani
Robert Whittaker responds to Brendon Allen’s call out
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The former UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker isn’t pleased to hear Brendon Allen calling out higher-ranked contenders after claiming a win. Allen is on a fantastic 6 match-winning streak, and as an obvious response to his success, he started calling out contenders from the top 5 in the middleweight division.

Robert Whittaker’s reaction to the call-out clearly suggests that he isn’t interested in entertaining a match with Brendon Allen. It will be very interesting to see who the UFC matches up Brendon Allen with next; since Allen is on a steady rise, he could most probably get a fight against someone from the top 7.

Allen is just a few comprehensive wins away from fulfilling his hit list that is filled with top middleweight contenders. On the flip side, Robert Whittaker also needs successive wins if getting a title shot is still a worthy aim for him.

Robert Whittaker on Brendon Allen’s callout

In a recent interview with MMArcade, Robert Whittaker shared his thoughts on Brendon Allen calling him out. “I’m pretty sure he said my name,” Whittaker said, as quoted by

“I’m pretty sure in his speech he said he wants to fight a contender, he wants to fight me or Cannonier. I think he’s No. 10 now. He’s obviously just broken into those top guys. I don’t know, I’m not a matchmaker.

Paul Craig wasn’t a 10th-ranked dude, he wasn’t in the top-10 rankings. He’s got to have his bite still, I guess. The top-10 fights. Just do your work. UFC realize that, recognize that. The matchmakers are there.

I don’t know who he fights next. To be honest, I don’t care”.

Brandon Allen’s message to Robert Whittaker

“Wellll mr @robwhittakermma feel free to show me what those top guys are like. I always wanted a former champ/future HOF on my resume”.

Robert Whittaker