Daniel Cormier slams Henry Cejudo’s statement about Tom Aspinall

Daniel Cormier explains why he thinks Tom Aspinall is wrong.

by Aryan Lakhani
Daniel Cormier slams Henry Cejudo’s statement about Tom Aspinall
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Tom Aspinall’s recent win against Sergei Pavlovich wasn’t considered worthy of a UFC title by many fans and MMA experts like Henry Cejudo. Aspinall claimed the UFC interim heavyweight belt and showed raw emotions of fulfilment and happiness, which did not seem to be relevant in the eyes of Henry Cejudo as he believes it’s not a real belt.Daniel Cormier decided to step into the ongoing debate and addressed that Cejudo’s statements were wrong.

Cormier compared Aspinall’s win to Cejudo’s win to prove his point. Aspinall is on a steady rise; he is 1-2 wins away from getting a title shot for the heavyweight belt.

Daniel Cormier on Henry Cejudo’s comments about Tom Aspinall

In a recent YouTube video, Daniel Cormier shared his thoughts on Henry Cejudo’s comments about Tom Aspinall’s victory and explained why Cejudo is wrong.

“Henry Cejudo, man, I like the guy,” Cormier said, as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com. “I do. But this dude has never been more wrong. Henry said, ‘Tom Aspinall shouldn’t have been as emotional to become the champion.

It’s not the real belt.’ It’s not fair. Henry Cejudo became the UFC champion because he’s a tremendous athlete and he is just a winner. He’s just a winner. But Henry Cejudo was not groomed to be UFC champion”.

Cormier further said: “Henry Cejudo was groomed to be the Olympic wrestling champion, and he did that. And when he did that, he cried. and he was excited and he was the champ and it felt like he had accomplished the world.

That’s what Tom Aspinall did. Why? because it’s all he’s been training to do… Interim or not, they’re wrapping 12 pounds of gold around his belt. So, he got emotional. That feels as real to him as that Olympic gold medal put around Henry’s Cejudo’s neck back in Beijing”.

Daniel Cormier