Bisping claims Aspinall sought his advice: "He was very humble to me"

Those words proved to be the catalyst Aspinall required, as he subsequently entered the arena and demonstrated a level of skill that surpassed Pavlovich

by Sededin Dedovic
Bisping claims Aspinall sought his advice: "He was very humble to me"
© Douglas P. DeFelice / Getty Images

Since the exhilarating victory last weekend, Tom Aspinall has ascended to the position of interim heavyweight champion, earning his title with a spectacular knockout against Pavlovich. The unexpected triumph not only showcased Aspinall's undeniable skill but also shattered the underestimations of fans and analysts alike.

In a surprising turn of events, Aspinall expressed his post-fight desire to square off against either Miocic or Jones, setting the stage for potentially high-stakes matchups. However, the realization of these matchups remains uncertain, introducing an element of anticipation and speculation into the burgeoning narrative of Aspinall's championship journey.

Despite the overwhelming success in the ring, the lead-up to the fight revealed a more grounded and humble side of Aspinall. Michael Bisping, sharing insights from a backstage encounter, disclosed that Aspinall sought advice before stepping into the cage.

The scene unfolded with Aspinall, accompanied by his father, Andy Aspinall, and the rest of the team, demonstrating the close-knit and supportive environment that has fueled his rise. Bisping recounted the backstage exchange on his YouTube channel, emphasizing the humility that marked Aspinall's demeanor: "I thought I'd go backstage to see Tom, and he was very humbled.

He was with his father, Andy Aspinall, the team was also around them. They flew to Madison Square Garden in New York in such a short time, he and the whole team. Tom, humble as he is, asked me if I had any final advice for him before he steps into the cage.'

' In response to Aspinall's inquiry, Bisping's counsel echoed the seasoned wisdom of a former champion: "I told him, listen, the cage is a big place as you know. Use all that space, but in the end, you have to be yourself.

You don't need my advice. Go out there, do what you always do, believe in all the work you've put in with your team and sparring partners. Everything will be fine.' ' As the spotlight intensifies on Tom Aspinall's meteoric rise, the anticipation builds for what the future holds for this newfound interim heavyweight champion and the potential challenges that lie ahead in his quest for undisputed greatness.