Jamahal Hill promises a knockout win against Alex Pereira

Jamahal Hill reveals how he will beat Alex Pereira.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jamahal Hill promises a knockout win against Alex Pereira
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The new UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira claimed the vacant belt with a 2nd round victory against Jiri Prochazka. One thing that is certain for now is that Jamahal Hill will immediately get a title shot after he’s fully recovered.

According to Jamahal Hill, the second half of 2024 seems to be the realistic time for him to return. Hill realizes that he will have to face Alex Pereira at some point in the near future and promises a convincing knockout win.

No wrestling, No takedowns, only explosive striking! It will be fascinating to see if Jamahal Hill’s performance matches up to his words when he returns.

Jamahal Hill on fighting Alex Pereira

In a recent YouTube video, Jamahal Hill shared his thoughts on facing Alex Pereira and revealed what Israel Adesanya said to him.

“Mark my words when I say this: I do not plan on taking him down, I do not plan on wrestling him,” Hill said, as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com. “I plan on going in there and where y’all think, he’s just this otherworldy guy because he did kickboxing and I didn’t do kickboxing? This is a completely different sport.

Kickboxing is kickboxing, MMA is MMA. I been doing MMA for years. I been bred in MMA, and whenever I do fight him, standing, I will knock him out. And when I do, I’m going to rub it in every single one of y’all’s face.

I won’t rub it in Alex’s face, Alex is a friend, but every single one of y’all that has talked, disrespected. It’s really crazy to me. As far as my credentials and in my lane, I’m one of the top one or two in the world.

I Hill on the message received by Adesanya: I’m truly the best. That’s why I say I’m the king.“I’m going to sleep your boy, and for anybody worried about Izzy and all this and that, he might jump the line.

Izzy already messaged me. He messaged me the same night that it happened and he told me, ‘He’s all yours.’ Yeah, all mine”.

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