Dustin Poirier: UFC 300 Sounds Attractive to Me,I Want Trilogy Against Justin Gaethje

In a conversation with MMA Junkie, he also revealed an interesting option for his return, which is a trilogy with Justin Gaethje

by Sededin Dedovic
Dustin Poirier: UFC 300 Sounds Attractive to Me,I Want Trilogy Against Justin Gaethje
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As the highly anticipated UFC 300 event approaches, fighters are vying for the opportunity to be a part of this monumental occasion. Among them is Dustin Poirier, a seasoned veteran in the UFC, who finds himself without a set date or opponent for his next bout following his recent loss to Justin Gaethje.

Poirier, cognizant of the fleeting nature of time in his career, has opted to steer clear of fixating on the lightweight title, acknowledging the unpredictable trajectory of his return to the octagon. Reflecting on his longstanding journey since UFC 125 and recognizing that he missed the landmark UFC 200 event, Poirier is fully aware that he won't be present for UFC 400.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding his comeback, the allure of competing at UFC 300 captivates him, as he shared with MMA Fighting: "It's a great opportunity if everything works out, but I honestly have no idea when I'll be back in the cage." In a recent conversation with MMA Junkie, Poirier unveiled an intriguing possibility for his return—a trilogy bout against Justin Gaethje.

Their previous encounter at UFC 291 saw Gaethje emerge victorious with a spectacular high kick in the second round, evening the score at 1:1. Poirier expressed his willingness to engage in the trilogy and suggested that UFC 300 could be the perfect setting for this anticipated showdown.

While acknowledging the risks involved, Poirier speculated on Gaethje's perspective, stating, "If I were in Justin's shoes, if he was guaranteed a title shot, I might not want to take the risk, but who knows, this is the world of fighting.

We'll see what happens, but I'm definitely open to it." While some may view a third match between Poirier and Gaethje as a means to resolve their rivalry, others see it as an opportunity to shake up the lightweight division.

The duo's reputation for holding back the division could potentially be addressed with another encounter, creating space for emerging talents to make their mark. In any case, a Poirier-Gaethje trilogy promises to be a spectacle, and UFC 300 could serve as the stage for this explosive showdown.

The potential for fireworks looms large, contingent on the interests and agreements of all parties involved. As the MMA community awaits further developments, the prospect of witnessing this blockbuster trilogy adds an extra layer of excitement to the historic UFC 300 event.

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