Daniel Cormier explains why he didn’t like Alex Pereira calling out Adesanya

Alex Pereira wants to defend his light heavyweight belt against Israel Adesanya.

by Aryan Lakhani
Daniel Cormier explains why he didn’t like Alex Pereira calling out Adesanya
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The recent UFC light heavyweight title fight between Alex Pereira and Jiri Prochazka was explosive; Pereira knocked out Prochazka and claimed the vacant light heavyweight belt. To almost everyone’s surprise, Pereira called out Israel Adesanya in the octagon interview instead of naming a top contender from the light heavyweight division.

Daniel Cormier believes it was wrong of Pereira to call out Adesanya as he thinks Pereira gave him more power and showed that Adesanya is still superior. However, it is worth knowing that Alex Pereira called out Israel Adesanya with gratitude.

Pereira thanked Adesanya for rescuing him from the ‘bar’, and to return the favor, he wanted to rescue Adesanya from the inactivity that he had promised.

Daniel Cormier on Alex Pereira’s call out

In a recent YouTube video, Daniel Cormier shared his thoughts on Alex Pereira calling out Israel Adesanya and explained why he thinks it was wrong, “My thought on the whole rivalry over accomplishment, for me, is I think he’s a little wrong to be looking back at Izzy,” Cormier said, as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com.

“Because you know what he does? He gives Izzy power over him. Izzy’s just sitting on the couch watching. You saw Izzy’s reaction. He’s laughing at him. I get it. You want to beat him and put him in his place, but every time, especially when you’re on the mountaintop, you speak to him.

Cormier further said: You give him power. He’s giving Adesanya power. … He (Adesanya) goes, ‘I own a lot of property, Most of my real estate is in Alex Pereira’s head.’ Because when Alex Pereira is the king of the world, he’s calling for him.

So by putting this rivalry and making it so important to him, he is giving the guy the power, and I don’t think he understands that”.

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