Dana White's Revelation: McGregor's Comeback Unveiled And Under What Circumstances

McGregor "didn't care" about the things he likes that are on the banned list, the UFC asked USADA to "see through the fingers" when it comes to this competitor

by Sededin Dedovic
Dana White's Revelation: McGregor's Comeback Unveiled And Under What Circumstances
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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), renowned for being a premier mixed martial arts (MMA) competition, has consistently upheld its reputation for quality competitors and rigorous doping controls. Recently, concerns arose when rumors circulated that the doping controls, a cornerstone of the UFC's integrity, were allegedly being lifted.

However, Dana White, the President of the UFC, made a surprising announcement that countered these speculations, revealing a complex situation involving the Anti-Doping Agency of the United States of America (USADA) and the return of the famed Irish fighter, Conor McGregor.

Travis Tygart, the head of USADA, had publicized that the agency would sever ties with the UFC after purportedly being pressured to exempt McGregor from standard drug tests. McGregor, set to make a comeback to the Octagon, has long faced rumors of substance use, particularly opiates, a violation of anti-doping regulations.

To comply with the mandatory six-month clean period before competitions, McGregor needed to abstain from prohibited substances, a demand he seemingly disregarded. In a controversial move, the UFC urged USADA to overlook McGregor's transgressions, leading to the termination of their collaboration, a partnership that had endured since 2015.

Reports from foreign media criticized Dana White for prioritizing Conor's profitability over the essential regulatory framework for fair fights. Despite the fallout with USADA, Dana White remained resolute in his commitment to doping controls and disclosed that McGregor's return was delayed not due to the absence of testing but rather to ensure compliance.

In a recent statement, White revealed, "I spoke with Conor yesterday. Everything is fine with him, he is completely ready. He just needs to wait six months to re-enter the doping testing system." This admission sheds light on the fact that McGregor's delay stems from the necessity to achieve a clean slate in doping tests before resuming competitive engagements.

Conor McGregor, a seasoned MMA veteran with 28 fights under his belt, boasts an impressive record of 22 victories, 19 of which were secured by knockout. As the saga surrounding McGregor's return unfolds, the UFC remains committed to upholding its stringent anti-doping measures, emphasizing the importance of fair competition in the sport's pinnacle organization.

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