Tony Ferguson Vomits During Intense Training with David Goggins (VIDEO)


Tony Ferguson Vomits During Intense Training with David Goggins (VIDEO)
Tony Ferguson Vomits During Intense Training with David Goggins (VIDEO) © Carmen Mandato / Getty Images Sport

Formerly renowned as one of the most formidable UFC fighters, Tony Ferguson's recent downturn has sparked speculation about his future in the organization. Facing Paddy Pimblett at UFC 296 on December 16, a seventh consecutive defeat could spell the end of his UFC journey.

Tony Ferguson wants to fix things and be the best version of himself. He took the next challenge in his career seriously and was ready to make all the necessary moves to adequately prepare for this match. In a drastic bid to reverse his fortunes, Ferguson has asked for the help of David Goggins, a former Navy SEAL and renowned ultramarathoner.

Goggins, known for his extreme endurance feats, advocates pushing mental and physical limits. The collaboration has involved an intense "Hell Week" preparation, with daily updates from Goggins detailing grueling sessions that push Ferguson to his limits.

David Goggins has been attracting a lot of attention in the last few years. Although many people know him from before, TikTok had a huge impact on Goggins gaining even more popularity. His video clips, in which he puts the accent on 'moving personal boundaries', arouse the interest of many.


Critics question the suitability of this approach for MMA preparation, but Goggins defends the methodology, emphasizing the need to find and exceed Ferguson's high pain threshold.

Responding to criticism, Goggins encourages viewers to appreciate the dedication and hard work required for greatness, asserting that the journey may be uncomfortable but is integral to achieving extraordinary feats in the octagon.

The decision to bring David Goggins into Tony Ferguson's training camp has been widely applauded, with many recognizing the potential impact on Ferguson's preparation for the significant challenge ahead. Goggins, known for his mental toughness and ability to endure extreme physical trials, could prove to be a crucial factor in Ferguson's quest for a new path.

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