Anthony Smith is hoping for Alex Pereira to call him out

Anthony Smith shares his thoughts on Alex Pereira.

by Aryan Lakhani
Anthony Smith is hoping for Alex Pereira to call him out
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The 8th ranked light heavyweight contender Anthony Smith recently secured a win against Ryan Spann and looks forward to climbing the ladder to the top. He is hoping for Alex Pereira to call him out. Anthony Smith wants to serve his role as a title challenger once again, and with that in mind, he’s hoping to fight the winner of Alex Pereira vs Jiri Prochazka.

Smith believes the match will be in favor of Alex Pereira because of the striking advantage. It may take a few more fights for Anthony Smith to demand a title fight; anything is possible; if he wants it bad enough, he will eventually get it.

Anthony Smith on Alex Pereira

Recently, on The MMA Hour, Anthony Smith shared his thoughts on Alex Pereira competing in the light heavyweight division. “I obviously I hope so[ on getting called out by Alex Pereira],” Smith said, as quoted by

“That would be ideal, but he doesn’t seem like he’s the type of guy that always has his next move planned. He seems a very in-the-moment kind of person. I talked about his size, he’s not anywhere close to the biggest [light heavyweight], and I was talking about his advantages and disadvantages of moving up a weight class.

And this was before he fought. Then he fought, and I think everything I said was right. He didn’t look significantly larger than Jan. His power wasn’t as effective as it was at 185. He’s not the most powerful guy at 205, and that’s OK.

He’s a special striker. He’s different in terms of his stand up game. He’s different than anybody. It’s special. His ground game is coming along great, but some of the advantages he had at 185, he doesn’t enjoy at 205. I don’t think that’s a negative to say – I think it’s a fact”.

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