Dustin Poirier reveals future plans in UFC


Dustin Poirier reveals future plans in UFC
Dustin Poirier reveals future plans in UFC © Richard Rodriguez / Getty Images Entertainment

Dustin Poirier still does not seem to know what the future holds for him and has not defined his plans. In an interview with the media, Poirier reflected on his last match against Justin Gaethje, in which he suffered a defeat.

“What I do is high risk, high reward, and anything can happen on any night. But I knew that going into this fight. That’s the reason I accepted this fight. I knew that he’s a dangerous opponent, and I knew anything can happen and that got me up in the morning.

That’s what fighting is”. - Poirier said. Dustin Poirier currently finds himself without concrete plans in the game, in a state of readiness and anticipation. He eagerly awaits a call that can ignite his passion and create his interest, presenting an opponent or challenge that motivates him to step back into the octagon.

Should such a compelling opportunity arise, Poirier is more than willing to embrace it with open arms, dedicating himself to the necessary preparations. We have no doubt that this time he will do everything to achieve victory, even though this is his motive every match.

“I don’t really have a whole lot of plans. I’m just kind of sitting back, training, trying to remain a student, and when the phone rings with the right name, I’ll know it’s the one. We’ll take it from there.

I’m not trying to over-plan or have this comeback story or anything like that. I’m just trying to get better, and when they call with the right one that excites me, that’s dangerous, that wakes me up and really makes me want to give this 100 percent – it’s not that I don’t give it 100 percent (already) – but something that really, really motivates me, (I’ll take it)”.

Dustin Poirier on Islam Makhachev

Islam Makhachev defeated Alexander Volkanovski in a great way. Although many expected Poirier to praise Islam and neglect Alexander, Poirier also had words of praise for Volkanovski for taking the short-notice fight.

Incredible performance by Islam and incredible self-belief and commitment from Alexander Volkanovski to take it on short notice and go out there and put it on the line in front of the world – exactly what I just said a while ago talking about the Gaethje fight.

We know that anything can happen at any time when we sign our names on those contracts against dangerous opponents, and the world is going to be watching. So you just have to try your best to take it in stride even though sometimes it hurts”.


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