Jailton Almeida claimed a one-sided win against Derrick Lewis


Jailton Almeida claimed a one-sided win against Derrick Lewis
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Jailton Almeida absolutely outplayed Derrick Lewis in the highly anticipated heavyweight clash. Lewis is known for his strength, but unfortunately for him, it was of no use today as Almeida dominated the rounds by flaunting his grappling skills.

Almeida further mentioned about fighting Ciryl Gane; he wants him next, and it will be great to see if UFC can grant his wish.

Some fans worldwide found the main event ‘boring’ because it lacked explosiveness and did not end up in knockout fashion.

Almeida said it wasn’t that easy to knock out Derrick Lewis. Almeida is just a few wins away from reaching the top tier; this win will easily get him a match with someone from the top 5 in the competitive heavyweight division.

Jailton Almeida on the fight

In a post-fight interview, Jailton Almeida reflected on his fight with Derrick Lewis and gave an insight into his game plan. “It was a tough fight,” Almeida said, as quoted by mmafighting.com.

“I was surprised that he never backed down. Derrick fought all the way. Although he fought last minute, he really put on a good fight. But I managed to fight a good fight.I was happy with my performance, even though I didn’t knock him out, I’m ready for any fights.

I’m ready to fight five rounds for any opponent. The strategy was to control him on grappling, but he’s very strong, and his hand is twice as big as mine. My forearm is quite thin, and he was able to grab ahold my forearm and really control the blows that I was trying to give out.

I was surprised by my strength, although Derrick Lewis was much heavier than me, I was able to throw him down and control. So I’m very happy with that”.