Jorge Masvidal believes If Usman had more time he would've easily beat Chimaev

Jorge Masvidal confident in Kamaru Usman's skills & abilities as a fighter.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jorge Masvidal believes If Usman had more time he would've easily beat Chimaev
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Kamaru Usman recently extended his losing streak after facing a tough loss against Khamzat Chimaev. Most people believe if Usman was given more rounds and more time to prepare for this fight, he would have easily beaten Chimaev.

Former UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal also agrees with the theory; apparently, he bumped into Kamaru Usman right before his fight with Chimaev was announced. Masvidal firmly believes that Usman would have gotten a knockout win against Chimaev if he was granted a few more weeks to prepare.

Jorge Masvidal on Kamaru Usman vs Khamzat Chimaev

In a recent interview with MMA Mania, Jorge Masvidal explained why he thinks Usman would win against Chimaev if he was given more time to prepare. “He hasn’t fought anybody at 185,” Masvidal said, as quoted by “I’m not trying to diss him, but he’s not a ranked ’85 player.

He’s a great 170-pound fighter, but he’s not ranked at 185. You put him in there with a lot of these guys (middleweights), I think they’ll ******* hurt him”. “Funny story: Right before he took that fight, it hasn’t happened too often, but I saw Kamaru Usman out, It was the craziest stuff ever.

I was walking into this establishment, I had my shades on and somebody goes, ‘Jorge Masvidal, what’s up?’ I go, ‘Man, that voice sounds ******* familiar.’ I turned around, this is at 4:30 in the ******* morning, bro.

It’s Usman’s ass, and he’s got glasses too. What the ****? I look, I must have lost my ******* mind. I lift them (glasses) up and I go, ‘Usman?’ And he goes, ‘What’s up, Masvidal?’ This *****, bro.

Masvidal further said: “That was literally the day before he got the announcement for the fight. So I just want to say if that guy has like five, six weeks to prepare for Chimaev, he takes him out. Guaranteed. He knocks his ***dead”.

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