Dos Anjos believes he was closest to victory against Nurmagomedov

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Dos Anjos believes he was closest to victory against Nurmagomedov

Former UFC champion Rafael dos Anjos talked about his fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov and concluded that he was closest to stopping the undefeated Dagestani. It was in April 2014. The ‘RDA’ had five wins in a row, while Khabib was at 5-0 in the UFC (21-0 overall).

The venue was Orlando, and the Brazilian and Dagestani fighters competed in the last match of the introductory part of the program. After 15 minutes of fighting, Khabib took the win with a convincing referee decision and once again confirmed that he is on the right track to becoming the UFC champion.

But despite Khabib’s dominance, the Brazilian veteran at one point found himself in a position to stop his rival. The guillotine into which dos Anjos caught Nurmagomedov looked dangerous, and even for a second it seemed as if Khabib would tap and hand over the match.

Dos Anjos on their fight

It seems that Khabib was lucky in the match with Dos Anjos and that Dos Anjos was the closest to defeating the then young Dagestani. Who knows what would have happened if Dos Anjos had beaten Khabib then.

Many things would probably look different. But all this is questionable. "Khabib said he wasn't interested in the match with Conor and Dustin because he strangled them both. He didn't. In fact, I made him snore until the slipping of his ribs saved him from (sleeping).

He honestly beat me, but no one came closer than me to stop the champion." "My plan was to beat his brother and attack that neck again. But that plan failed because of things that were not under my control. I will continue to sharpen my tools to be ready if he decides to come back and if he chooses me ", dos Anjos said By ‘his brother’, Rafael probably means Islam Makhachev, Khabib’s friend and training partner he was supposed to fight, but their match has already been canceled twice.

The first time because the ‘RDA’ was positive for coronavirus, and the second time because of Islam’s staphylococcal infection. Yet today Nurmagomedov is one of the greatest fighters, if not the greatest we can freely say.

It would be interesting if they both re-entered the ring and if Dos Anjos tried to show that it was all luck and that he was a better fighter after all.