Stipe Miocic reacts to Jon Jones pulling out: “I couldn’t sleep”

Stipe Miocic not happy with Jon Jones pulling out but wishes him a speedy recovery.

by Aryan Lakhani
Stipe Miocic reacts to Jon Jones pulling out: “I couldn’t sleep”
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The highly anticipated heavyweight clash between Stipe Miocic and Jon Jones, unfortunately, won’t happen because Jon Jones got severely injured during training and will need a few months to recover. On a brighter note, Miocic is still expected to fight Jon Jones for the heavyweight belt – the fight will most likely take place in the early phase of 2024.

As an obvious response, Stipe Miocic was absolutely devastated because he was really looking forward to this fight. The UFC hasn’t given Miocic a new opponent, which clearly indicates that he will face Jon Jones provided that he gets recovered soon.

Stipe Miocic on Jon Jones pulling out

In a recent video, Stipe Miocic expressed the emotions running around his mind after finding out about Jon Jones pulling out and not getting an opportunity to fight for the interim belt.

“How did I feel when I woke up today? Like I got kicked in the nuts,” Miocic said, as quoted by “In the morning, I woke up to my phone vibrating. It was dark, I had my son on top of me, trying to move and get my phone.

I finally got my phone and had a text message from my manager saying my fight was off. I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. I was supposed to fight Jon Jones in about two weeks in New York, UFC 295, Madison Square Garden.

I was pretty excited about that. Actually really excited. I guess he tore something in his chest. Unfortunately, that happens. It’s part of the game. Hopefully he gets better and feels better, but what happens now? Do I fight somebody else? I don’t know”.

Miocic reacts to not getting the interim title fight: “I don’t know why I didn’t get picked [on not getting the interim title fight], which is fine, I understand they have a direction they want to go. I’m okay with that. Every guy in the division is tough. I definitely want to fight the biggest fish, which is Jon Jones".

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