Michael Pereira looks forward to fighting Israel Adesanya


Michael Pereira looks forward to fighting Israel Adesanya
Michael Pereira looks forward to fighting Israel Adesanya © Michael Owens/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Michael Pereira is no longer a welterweight contender; he has made the wise decision to move closer to his natural weight. Pereira has made the decision to fight in the middleweight division; he recently fought Andre Petroski and performed spectacularly well.

The match resulted in a 1st round knockout; after the recent win, Pereira has updated his professional MMA record to 29-11. Michael Pereira wants to be active; when asked when he would like to fight next, he said he aims to make a comeback in December.

After 2-3 fights, Pereira should get an opportunity to fight against a ranked opponent from the competitive middleweight division. Michael Pereira wants to fight Israel Adesanya in the future; he will have to wait for quite some time as Izzy recently revealed that he will take some time off fighting.

Until then, Michael Pereira could rise to the level and become a credible opponent to fight the former champion.

Michael Pereira on his recent match

Recently on The MMA Hour, Michael Pereira shared his thoughts on the recent knockout win against Andre Petroski and spoke about fighting Israel Adesanya.

“It was just much better,” Pereira said, as quoted by mmafighting.com. “I only had to cut 10 pounds on the week of. I trained more, I prepared more. I just felt so much better. I just kept training. I knew I was going to knock him out, but I didn’t imagine it was going to be this fast, He was the guy that was [up-and-coming].

He was really good, he was coming off a victory, so it did surprise me”. Pereira on his return and fighting Adesanya: “I already spoke to my manager because I want to be back and fight in December at the latest, I don’t know much about this new [division], but one fight that I really like, I really enjoyed him, he’s a little bit of a showman, his name is [Israel] Adesanya.

I think it would be such a fun fight, me and him. I have nothing against him. I’m an admirer, so I would like to fight him if I could”.

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