Kamaru Usman angry with media for misinformation

“How stupid. Just dumb. If my knee was hurt, why would I get up and (continue) hitting mitts?"

by Sead Dedovic
Kamaru Usman angry with media for misinformation
© Catherine Ivill / Getty Images

A few days ago, there were rumors about Kamaru Usman's injury that worried his fans. This great UFC fighter will have the opportunity to fight Khamzat Chimaev in Saturday's UFC 294 co-main event in Abu Dhabi. Kamaru decided to try middleweight.

Right at the start, he will face a tough opponent who will surely create problems for him. During one of the video clips, Usman was training with Justin Gaethje, and at one point he had a worried expression on his face during sparring.

Many took it as a sign that Usman had suffered an injury. However, Kamaru is angry about the media captions and emphasized that he did not suffer any injury. “Guys, this is crazy – yesterday, seeing the tweet (about me being injured),” Usman said, as quoted by mmajunkieusatoday.com!

“It just goes to show how crazy people just jump on news and media and, ‘Oh, that must be true. That person said that! That person said that!’. Whoever started it – whoever said they heard or saw: How could you have possibly heard what I said when it’s me and Justin, on a stage, in front of thousands of people in a mall? Were you next to us where you heard what I was saying?"

Kamaru Usman reacts

Usman does not understand why the media came to such a conclusion when he continued to spar with Gaethje after that scene.

It is obvious that they want to confuse him before the match or attract people with clickbait titles. Usman is ready and focused on his challenge. “How stupid. Just dumb. If my knee was hurt, why would I get up and (continue) hitting mitts? Oh my God.

People believe anything you put on this internet. Anything – any thing. Whoever that was, stop it. Stop with the clickbait. (I) did not say that. Clearly, I’m fine. Dummies: I’m fine”.

Kamaru Usman