Dana White about USADA CEO: This guy went full Britney Spears and lost his mind


Dana White about USADA CEO: This guy went full Britney Spears and lost his mind
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Tensions between USADA and UFC still haven't calmed down. Dana White is outraged by the way USADA handled their split, and especially by his statements about Conor McGregor. The executive director of USADA stated that the UFC had a goal that the famous Irish MMA fighter would not be tested for the next six months, which caused the two companies to part ways.

Dana White was visibly annoyed and not at all pleased by these accusations. He even said that Tygart has gone crazy and that it wouldn't surprise anyone if we see something unusual in his behavior in the future.
“This guy went full Britney Spears and lost his mind,” White told reporters at the UFC Apex on Friday.

“Get ready, you’re probably going to see this guy on Instagram dancing with knives, probably in the next two weeks or something. He went nuts. He lost his mind, and it is what it is. It’s whatever”.

The cooperation between UFC and USADA lasted for 8 years, but now everything is over

UFC Executive Director Dana White claims that USADA has ruined its own image and reputation due to ill-considered moves.

He wonders how they refused to cooperate and whether any serious company will cooperate with USADA now. It seems that we will have to follow this saga for a long time, which, in addition to the cancellation of the matches of certain fighters, marked this week.

It will be very interesting in the coming days as well, but the UFC has already announced that it should soon sign a contract with another anti-doping agency. It seems that UFC management did not rest and they found a replacement very quickly.

Of course, the statements of the main people of USADA about Conor also contributed to this. “Listen, it is what it is. They did what they did. Think about this, they’re in a business where they’re looking to bring other sports leagues in.

They were with us for eight years. We helped them put them on the map, they helped us build an incredible program. This is how you’re going to end your relationship with us? Who else would want to do business with these guys after that? Not me.

So it doesn’t matter to me. We’re moving on, and good luck to him”. as quoted by MMAJunkie

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