Michael Pereira will not leave the middleweight division: “I’m going to stay”


Michael Pereira will not leave the middleweight division: “I’m going to stay”
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Michael Pereira is set to make his middleweight debut in just a few hours from now against Andre Petroski. Pereira has fought as a welterweight contender in his career so far; however, he now looks forward to fighting as a middleweight fighter as it’s much more flexible for him, and he’s significantly happier in this new weight class.

A few convincing wins will allow Michael Pereira to get an opportunity to fight against well known, ranked opponents, which further give him the authority to fulfil his goals. The middleweight division is one of the most competitive divisions in the UFC; It will be very interesting to see the climb Michael Pereira makes in the new division.

He is currently on a 5 match winning streak; we will find out if he’s successful in extending it.

Michael Pereira on fighting in the middleweight division

During the recent media day, Michael Pereira explained why he will continue to fight as a middleweight contender.

“I’m very happy, prepared, excited in this new division because I don’t need to cut a lot of weight,” Pereira said, as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com. “I have a lot more energy, so I was training more and better.

I’m confident. From now on, I’m a middleweight. I feel better. My personal life is better being a middleweight. Even when I was a welterweight, I was training with big guys, and I was always the bigger guy as a welterweight.

But now I feel like I’m a middleweight. My body is a middleweight, so I’m going to stay in this weight division”. Pereira further said: “I’m in love with my life right now, I’m loving the fact that I’m a middleweight.

I was even making jokes backstage because I didn’t used to like doing interviews when I was cutting weight. Now I’m happy”.