UFC asks USADA to apologize for statements about Conor McGregor


UFC asks USADA to apologize for statements about Conor McGregor
UFC asks USADA to apologize for statements about Conor McGregor © Antony Jones / Getty Images

USADA Executive Director Travis Tygart released a statement explaining the sudden news that the UFC and USADA are parting ways. He stated that the return of Conor McGregor to the USADA testing had a lot of influence, and that it had a lot of influence on de-friending.

We remind you that Conor McGregor was injured at UFC 264 in the fight against Dustin Poirier where he ended up with a broken leg. He withdrew from the USADA program while recovering from an injury. This statement by Tygart met with strong reactions within the UFC, so the excellent vice president of the UFC, Hunter Campbell, spoke up and responded to the self-condemnation of USADA and asked for an apology for the comments directed at Conor McGregor.

Tygart said in his statement: "The relationship between USADA and UFC became untenable given the statements made by UFC leaders and others questioning USADA's principled stance that McGregor not be allowed to fight without being in the testing pool for at least six months."

UFC didn't wait long and already found a new partner

Tygart made a controversial statement at the press conference yesterday, and then Campbell announced the UFC's new partnership with Drug Free Sport International.

A very strange week in the UFC is behind us, we will know much more in the coming period. Glad to hear that the UFC quickly found a new partner. “Disappointingly, they used Conor McGregor as a vehicle to sort of articulate and re-frame a complete misrepresentation of what occurred over the last several months,” Campbell told MMA Junkie and other reporters in attendance at the UFC Apex.

"What I can categorically tell you is, what USADA has put out in the last 48 hours could not be farther from the truth”. “At no point in time did Jeff, myself, or any other UFC representative, Dana – not a single person ever went to USADA and told them anything other than Conor McGregor would re-enter the program when he was healthy,” as quoted by MMAJunkie

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