Cain Velasquez expects a tough match for Jon Jones when he fights Stipe Miocic

Cain Velasquez statement about upcoming big fight

by Sededin Dedovic
Cain Velasquez expects a tough match for Jon Jones when he fights Stipe Miocic
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Former UFC fighter Cain Velasquez claims Stipe Miocic has a shot against heavyweight champion Jon Jones. The match will be on November 11 at UFC 295 at Madison Square Garden in New York. It will surely be a very interesting and long-awaited fight, because the news that these two fighters could fight has been going on for about a year and now there is still a little time left to wait for it.

Cain believes that Jon Jones is of course the favorite, but as is known in combat sports, surprises can happen very often, especially in the heavyweight division where there are huge guys and where one punch ends the match.

Cain praised the strong psyche of Jones, and emphasized that it sets him apart from other fighters and makes a difference. Of course, Miocic is a good fighter and a former champion, but Velasquez claims that he will need a lot of luck to beat Jones.

Cain Velasquez claims that what sets Jones apart from others is her indomitable spirit

Miocic (20-4 MMA, 14-4 UFC) has not had a match for a long time, and now Jon Jones (27-1 MMA, 21-1 UFC), the best MMA fighter of all time, is waiting for him.

Miocic is training hard for this match, and he says that he has pushed his limits, but will it be enough for a victory that no one believes in. Of course, according to bookmakers, Jones is a big favorite and it would be a real miracle and sensation if he lost.

However, Velasquez thinks that if luck serves him and everything goes according to plan, Jones will have a difficult task.
“I mean, Jon Jones: the greatest ever. The greatest ever that you’re ever going to see – especially somebody at that weight class, 205, and now heavyweight,” Velasquez told The Schmo.

“Obviously a complete fighter, mentally the strongest competitor that you’re going to face out there, but there is always that puncher’s chance. There’s always that maybe chance. “That’s what continues to bring interest in the fights.

Stipe, the greatest heavyweight out there, arguably. He brings so many threats to Jon Jones. Obviously, your gut will tell you that Jon Jones may come out of this on top. But there’s always that maybe, and Stipe’s one of those guys that can bring out that big maybe in this fight”.

as quoted by MMAJunkie

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