Robert Whittaker : Tony Ferguson could beat 'overhyped' Paddy Pimblett


Robert Whittaker : Tony Ferguson could beat 'overhyped' Paddy Pimblett
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A well-known name to all MMA fans, Robert Whittaker commented on the big match that awaits us at UFC 296 in December between Paddy Pimblett and the very experienced Tony Ferguson. Whittaker says that he is a big fan of Tony Ferguson and that he knows what kind of fighter he was in his prime, but it seems to him that he has lost something that adorned him for years.

Ferguson is on a six-fight losing streak, and now has a chance against highly promising young fighter Paddy Pimblett to end the streak and get back on the winning streak.
“I think me and a lot of other UFC fans, especially fans of Tony Ferguson, because I’m a fan of Tony Ferguson, we thought his last fight was his last fight,” Whittaker said on his MMArcade Podcast.

“That’s what it looked like. “It’s not like he’s been on an incline or he’s been just getting beaten or he’s been having tight fights but losing just somehow. It hasn’t been that way, and honestly the Tony Ferguson I saw last time in the octagon was just one that, I don’t know, doesn’t look like he has it anymore”.

Whittaker claims that this fight is when Ferguson ends his losing streak

Paddy Pimblett is still undefeated in the UFC, so the bookies have him as a big favorite. Whittaker does not think so, he believes that Pimblett is overhyped and that Ferguson will end his losing streak against him.Of course, Whittaker admits that Tony is not what he used to be, but even if he is at the level of the last match he lost, he has a great chance of beating Pimblett.

“Paddy, one of the fastest rising stars of the game and then fastest falling stars in the game,” Whittaker continued. “It’s crazy. This fight is great for that reason. I think people are going to watch it because of that.

That reason, and you know what? I think Tony could beat Paddy. Even the Tony we saw last time I think could beat Paddy. “I do think Paddy was overhyped for his skillset, which is fine because there are a lot of guys that get into the UFC and have to develop their skillsets and develop their caliber as they go along.

That’s just the nature of the game. You don’t need to start in the UFC as a beast. Problem was his mouth. He was running his mouth, and he was acting like he was already the best when obviously we saw some things that suggested you still got to work on some things”.

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