Joe Joyce doesn’t feel the pressure to fight Dubois

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Joe Joyce doesn’t feel the pressure to fight Dubois

Finally came that weekend during which Daniel Dubois and Joe Joyce will enter the ring. Two great British boxers behind whom is equal experience in professional boxing, despite a 12-year age difference. Although Joyce has a long successful amateur career behind him, Dubois has slightly more professional performances, and the fact that he presented himself as an express knockouter in this match made him a favorite.

Joyce personally has nothing against it, he even thinks it puts pressure on his opponent. "I have absolutely no pressure because Dubois has already won by bet shops.He has made a big name for himself and now all the pressure is on him," the Mirror quotes Joyce's words, but also additional thinking: "I don't know why bet shops see it that way, but it's okay for me because it'll be even better for me after I beat him," When you look at who one of them fought against, Joyce has bigger wins and is five positions better placed in the Boxrec rankings than Dynamite, which is the 21st heavyweight in the world.

He beat former world champion Bermane Stiverne's "Juggernaut" as well as Klitschko's challenger Bryant Jennings. Alexander Ustinov is also a globally known name, and he was knocked out in the third round.

Nathan Gorman

The most famous name on the Dubois summary is Nathan Gorman, a popular British heavyweight, but even he did not have much stronger exams before their match, despite entering it 16-0. Joyce believes that he has proven and confirmed his quality and that he has a valuable experience that will help him a lot in this match.

I fought at a much higher level than him so that gives me a psychological advantage. There is no real substitute for experience and I think I will show it to this young puppy. I used to fight the best. " He is not even close to that level, he fought at the national level, not even at the European level.

I have been performing at the highest world level for years, first in amateurs, and then I continued in my professional career ", the silver Olympian from Rio is convinced of his qualities. The special value of this match is the fact that Dubois is in second place in the WBO challenger rankings.

As this is an organization whose obligatory challenger is Oleksandr Usyk, there is a possibility that the winner of this match will fight against the Ukrainian. One option is to fight for the interim champion, and the other is even the one for the real one, if Anthony Joshua is forced to leave the belt if he refuses to fight Usyk, which currently seems like a certain option.