Colby Covington reacts to Islam Makhachev agreeing to fight him


Colby Covington reacts to Islam Makhachev agreeing to fight him
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The UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev aspires to be a double champion; he is ready to fight for the welterweight belt. Makhachev recently said that he will closely watch the upcoming welterweight title fight between Colby Covington and Leon Edwards.

Makhachev wants Colby Covington to win because Covington has already agreed to fight him. That can turn out to be one of the most intense matchups in the history of the UFC. Colby believes Islam Makhachev will be pulled back by his manager, and it’s all ‘talk’ from his end.

Only time can tell if the match between the two will ever take place.

Colby Covington on fighting Leon Edwards

Recently, on The Submission Radio, Colby Covington shared his thoughts on Islam Makhachev agreeing to him. “I’m setting up big business.

Leon’s first and then it needs to be American wrestling vs. Dagestani wrestling,” Covington said, as quoted by “Everybody wants to see that fight. Makhachev’s starting to run his mouth but we know his manager [Ali Abdelaziz] ‘Abdela-sleeze’ is not gonna let him get in my crosshairs.

He can say whatever he wants to the media but he doesn’t really mean it. Makhachev knows I’d smack the **** out of him. He would be able to mess with raw American steel. He’s nothing more than a sheep herder. I think it would be the biggest and best spectacle the UFC could put on and that’s what we want to do; the biggest and best fights, the guy definitely walks around at more weight than I do.

Covington further said: I just choose to fight closer to my natural weight. I don’t want to cut all that weight to get the advantage. I’d like to see him come up and test himself. Come fight at your natural weight, come test yourself, He’s talking a game like he wants to be No.

1 pound-for-pound, this is how you prove that. Come up here, let’s see if you’re pound-for-pound No. 1 by fighting a guy at your natural weight”.

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