Grant Dawson paid tribute to Bobby Green ahead of their match on Saturday

Grant Dawson statement about his opponet

by Sededin Dedovic
Grant Dawson paid tribute to Bobby Green ahead of their match on Saturday
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UFC Fight Night 229 awaits us this Saturday, many good fights, and surely the audience and the public are most interested in the headliner fight between Grant Dawson (20-1-1 MMA, 8-0-1 UFC) and Bobby Green (30-14 -1 MMA, 11-9-1 UFC).

As reports surfaced that Dawson was unhappy with the choice of opponent, he denied the reports. He said that he has a lot of respect for his opponent and that this could be a more important fight for his career than a fight with a top 15 contender in his division.

“Matchups don’t make any sense to me anyway,” Dawson told MMA Junkie and other reporters at Wednesday’s UFC Fight Night 229 media day. “I’m not a really big, anything outside the champion is just suggestion.

The rankings change very single day. If he beats me on Saturday night, then the matchup wasn’t that weird. “I’m taking Bobby Green very seriously. I know how good he is, and I’m going to be honest with you, I think a win over Bobby Green does more for my career than a couple of wins over some other guys in the top 15.

I just think he’s got that much of star power, he’s that big of a veteran, and I’m expecting the best Bobby Green on Saturday night”. Grant Dawson is very happy because he gained the trust of the UFC and because they gave him a main event fight This American Top Team fighter emphasized how happy he is because he got a main event fight from the UFC and now he wants to give the best possible performance to convince the UFC leaders that he is capable of great things and that he deserves this kind of match.

He added again that he does not think that the opponent is bad, on the contrary, he thinks that he is very interesting to the audience, and such opponents are the most desirable.
“I wanted to be a UFC world champion from day one, and if I want to be a UFC world champion, I have to know that these kind of moments are going to happen,” Dawson said.

“They’re great, and I’m so happy that they’re finally starting to get here, but this was supposed to happen. I’m supposed to be in a main event. I’m supposed to be doing this kind of thing.

Now I get to show the UFC you can put me in a main event and I can perform, and I can go all five rounds if need be. This is everything I’ve ever worked for”. as quoted by MMAJunkie