Dana White: Why would anyone buy Bellator?


Dana White: Why would anyone buy Bellator?
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Bellator president Scott Coker said there are big things happening around the organization right now. Of course, business matters, because the story has been circulating for a long time that Bellator could merge with the PFL, these are still rumors.

The director of the UFC organization, Dana White, stated that he does not want to buy Bellator, but that he would not like to shut down either. He believes that things around Bellator will be resolved soon and that his biggest competitor should continue to exist.

Many things happen behind the backs of fans and journalists, as confirmed by Coker as well. The saga surrounding the future of Bellator has been going on for a long time, the fighters who fight in this organization just want to know what their future is so that they can make further career plans.

Dana White gave his opinion at the DWCS 65 conference.
“If Bellator continues to exist, it’s not a bad thing. It’s a good thing,” White told reporters at a news conference following DWCS 65. “If you look at all the stuff that we take about a lot of things, they’re owned by Viacom.

You know how much money these guys have? Why would they be going out of business unless they’re just tired of doing it, because you’re hearing rumors about Showtime too, not just Bellator”.

Dana White doesn't want to buy Bellator, but he wouldn't like it to shut down either

Bellator was founded in 2008 and has had a lot of ups and downs since then.

It was founded by Bjorn Rebney. Already in 2014 Bellator was taken over by the former owner of Strikeforce Cooker and he has been running Bellator ever since. We have to admit that he made Bellator the organization it is today.

Bellator has been in a bit of a slump lately, so many rumors have started to spread. “Why on God’s green Earth would anybody buy Bellator?” White said last month in response to rumors of PFL acquiring the promotion." Why anyone would buy Bellator is besides me.

But hey, what do I know? I’ll sit back and see how this plays out”. as quoted by MMAJunkie

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