Manel Kape slams down Israel Adesanya’s backstage apology


Manel Kape slams down Israel Adesanya’s backstage apology
Manel Kape slams down Israel Adesanya’s backstage apology © Mark Evans/Getty Images

The heated verbal exchange between Manel Kape and Israel Adesanya would soon become a physical one if security wouldn't have interfered. It started with Manel Kape and Kai Kara-France; Israel Adesanya stepped in because he is Kai Kara-France’s teammate.

Adesanya did apologize after the press conference was over, but Manel Kape did not entertain the apology as he was more than just a little offended.

Manel Kape threatens to ‘eat’ Israel Adesanya in the streets; Kape does care about the size difference as he claims to be undefeated in the streets.

A street fight between Israel Adesanya and Manel Kape definitely won’t be a pleasant sight.

Manel Kape on Israel Adesanya apologizing

In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Manel Kape spoke about the heated moment with Israel Adesanya and explained why he did not accept Adesany’s apology.

“After all this talk [at the press conference], he came to me backstage ‘Hey, no disrespect, we are Africa, we’re brothers,’” Kape said, as quoted by “I said, ‘We are not brothers.‘Look, my problem is with Kai Kara, not with you.

Why did you stand up? He can handle his business”. . Believe me, if he’s in the street with no cameras, I’ll eat you, too, you are a man to back up your words. Because you’re just one [man], you’re tall, but I’ll eat you in the streets.

Kape further said: "Believe me. You don’t know what I’m capable of doing.He backed down again. Ask them what he said to me backstage. No man, no size, I don’t fear them, and I’m undefeated in the streets.

I expected it, because they’re just acting, the difference is I’m not acting. I’m not acting. I’m for real. These people, they’re not built like me. Where I come from, what I handle. I’m different than these people. He knows. He don’t want the problem there”.