Blaydes believes he is much better than Lewis

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Blaydes believes he is much better than Lewis

It’s clear to anyone following MMA why Curtis Blaydes is a big favorite in the fight against Derrick Lewis. One of the best heavyweights in the world has been dominant in most of his fights, and on paper he has almost every advantage over Lewis.

Sure, Lewis still possesses the power of punch that many have already come to know, but Blaydes says he’s used to something like that. "We are heavyweights, so strength is always present. I'm not impressed with his.

Of course I'm aware that he owns it, as well as that he intends to cut off my head. But that's exactly what makes him predictable. "He doesn't use direct at all, has no combination, doesn't move.When he tries to hit with his back hand, he automatically raises his hind leg, and that's the worst thing you can do against a fighter like me.He has a lot of holes."

"Some people just don't research some things enough. Blagoi Ivanov, Ilir Latifi, Marcin Tybura, even Alexander Volkov, they all demolished him. And those fighters are not good grapplers at all, "Razor told Las Vegas media.

Blaydes believes he is better

Moreover, Blaydes considers him the worst possible opponent for Lewis. "When a good grappler knocks you down, you won't get up. You need technique to succeed at it. The UFC has protected him from real grapplers so far, and now he finally has one against himself."

"He won't get up after I knock him down. I have been working on this for too long and it would be a disrespect to all those years I have invested, ”he explained his position. He is convinced that he knows where the greatest danger is coming from and he will successfully respond to it with his strongest weapon.

"He likes to try everything, he likes to play with his heavy hands. But there's really nothing but his right arm and flying knee. I have leg work, I have wrestling, I also have boxing. I have multiple ways to win, and then I'm one.

"I know he's predictable in everything he does. He only has one stroke, like Ngannou, but without that arm length. I'll beat him. Even if it ends up being a boring fight, it doesn't matter. It's important to win," he said. win. By the way, Blaydes suffered his only two defeats in his career from the aforementioned Ngannou.