Dustin Poirier expects a different fight with McGregor

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Dustin Poirier expects a different fight with McGregor

Dustin Poirier has good experience with rematches. He has managed to record victories in the previous two, but unlike Conor McGregor, Max Holloway and Eddie Alvarez failed to beat the 31-year-old 'The Diamond' in the first match.

Poirier will have a chance to retaliate against McGregor for his 2014 defeat on Jan. 23 (UFC 257) and this time he will do anything to prevent mistakes that happened six years ago inside and outside the cage. "Obviously even then he was a great fighter who successfully beat a lot of rivals with breaks, but I think we are both much better and more mature fighters with more experience at the moment.

I think you will get a completely different fight." "Before the first one I was quite emotional and I wanted to hurt him. This time my goal is to outwit him I just want to beat him. This is not even about settling accounts.This is not about revenge.

This is about career advancement and securing a better future for my family. This is just a job "Poirier said in an interview with MMA Junkie.

Dustin's activity

One of Dustin’s strengths ahead of this duel could be his activity.

Namely, Conor has recorded only two appearances since November 2016 when he defeated Eddie Alvarez. The one against Khabib from 2018 and the one against Donald Cerrone from January this year. Poirier, on the other hand, made eight appearances during that period, recording only one defeat (Khabib).

"He's a great Fighters. I really admit it to him. And I'm sure he's constantly making progress and working to get better. I also think people underestimate that part of his game because of Conor's ground defeats, but I think they're his jiu-jitsu and ‘grappling’ are better than many think.

I have no intention of underestimating him and I expect an MMA fighter to appear in front of me, ”Poirier said. In the same conversation, one of the best lightweight fighters concluded that "it would make sense" for this match to be for the title.

"If Khabib retires and has no intention of coming back, then I'm going in line to attack the belt and this could be that fight. It would make sense. Dana White says one thing and Khabib another ... Who knows what it is the real truth. Time will show to us "Poirier concluded