Jamahal Hill claims that Jiri Prochazka is physically stronger than Alex Pereira


Jamahal Hill claims that Jiri Prochazka is physically stronger than Alex Pereira
Jamahal Hill claims that Jiri Prochazka is physically stronger than Alex Pereira © Handout / Getty Images

Jamahal Hill was a guest on the "Believe You Me" podcast, he talked about the continuation of his career and when he will return to the UFC. Then he made a very interesting statement for the fight that should take place Nov.

11 at Madison Square Garden in New York. The fight is for the vacant light heavyweight title, where Jiri Prochazka and Alex Pereira will fight. Hill wanted to say that he is not favoring anyone, but he thinks that Jiri Prochazka has to do his best to try to beat Pereira.

He needs to use all styles, because if he is in a stand-up exchanging blows with Pereira, Hill believes that it will not go very well. “I think that one’s a tossup, if I’m being completely honest,” Hill said on the “Believe You Me” podcast.

“I think that fight can truly go either way. I think Jiri, the way he strikes – yeah, he has the wild, kind of loose style, but Alex isn’t going for that. He’s not going for the tricks. He’s not going for all the out there (stuff) because he has a specific mission and specific points in places he wants to be when he’s striking and when he’s engaging, and I think Alex is better at getting to those spots than Jiri is.

“But I think physically, Jiri will be the more physical, more physically strong fighter. I think Jiri has more MMA experience. I think if he can use his unorthodox-ness to, instead of trying to strike, to actually get in and mix and be rounded around in mixed martial arts, clinch him up, beat him up in the clinch, drag him to the ground, I think that’d moreso be his best way – making it an all-round mixed martial arts fight”.

as quoted by MMAJunkie

Jamahal Hill is very confident in himself and is waiting for his opponent in the UFC

He explained that Jiri Prochazka has a mild transmission, but he does not want to give his forecasts. He emphasized that Jiri is quite experienced and that he is physically stronger than his opponent, but that does not necessarily mean anything.

“Honestly, if I had my choice and I had my pick, I would have not gotten hurt,” Hill said. “I would have had them both be in the position that they are and I’d have whooped their ass one by one”.

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