Mike Perry will be penalized for not losing weight before the match

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Mike Perry will be penalized for not losing weight before the match

Mike Perry found himself under heavy criticism after exceeding the upper limit of the welterweight category by as much as two kilograms on Friday. Despite his bih unprofessionalism, 'Platinum' may end up happy that his opponent Tim Means has agreed to fight.

Perry will not go unpunished nonetheless. Namely, 30 percent of his fee will go to Meansos' pocket. But many will agree that this is not a sufficient punishment when we look at how many fighters alone, despite great mental and physical effort, successfully complete this part of the task.

Criticism of Perry was a bit fiercer than is usually the case in situations like this, and Mike blamed himself for the negative messages because it was he who, in the days before the weigh-in, was smart and claimed that he would lose the remaining ten kilograms at the last minute.

he said, now "he knows the process a little better."

New tactics

Mike Perry seems to have taken the big deal lightly and is aware that it could have cost him a lot more than it turned out to be. There are various weight loss tactics and every athlete knows his body well enough after many years of training and weight loss at the same time.

When an athlete gets to know his body he adjusts his body to the goals he wants to achieve. Perry seems to be trying a new weight loss tactic that has gone wrong. He is also aware of that, but it seems ridiculous that he was trying new weight loss tactics and that he risked holding such an important match.

"I do not know. I just made certain mistakes too late. I didn’t start dehydrating early enough. I thought I could do it later. Some people do it. He’s always heard about how some lose as much as seven pounds in one night, ”Perry said in an interview with Helen Yee, adding: "When I 'tweeted' I just finished one exercise and I couldn't sweat anymore.

I tried until 10:20 in the morning, at 2:00, 6:00 and 9:00. I tried and tried and lost only a pound. , maybe a pound in that period. It was over then. I was ready to rehydrate and I thought Tim Means would be grateful to be able to get 30 percent of my fee and to show up and fight. " UFC 255 takes place on the night of Saturday to Sunday and brings us as many as two title fights