Charles Jourdain wants Cub Swanson after his win at Fight Night 228


Charles Jourdain wants Cub Swanson after his win at Fight Night 228
Charles Jourdain wants Cub Swanson after his win at Fight Night 228 © Sarah Stier / Getty Images

Charles Jourdain fulfilled the promises he made before his match with Ramos. The match started calmly but quickly flared up but just as quickly ended with Jourdain's submission win at Saturday's UFC Fight Night 228. Everything was over in the first round, and the guillotine was the weapon that earned Jourdain the victory.

However, what drew the most attention was his conversation with Bisping after the fight.

Charles Jourdain said in a conversation with Michael Bisping that he now wants a more experienced opponent like Cub Swanson

“I saw Cub Swanson around,” Jourdain said.

“I know I said I wasn’t going to call anyone out, but Barboza doesn’t want it and I just fought two very good Brazilians. So Cub, let’s fight in Toronto. Canadian fans deserve a very good fight between the new school and the old school”.

“I just had another interaction with him a couple of days ago with him,” Jourdain said at the UFC Fight Night 228 post-fight news conference. “I went to shake his hand, you guys know me, I’m a very nice guy, and he was sizing me all the time.

I’m like, ‘Dude, f*ck you.’ I’m not a mean guy. I said congratulations on your last victory, and he was like, ‘Yeah, thank you.’ Ok, I’ll punch you, motherf*cker”. as quoted by MMAJunkie He explained that he is not challenging Swanson because he is old and on the way down, but on the contrary because he has had good results lately and a good one against Hakeem.

He stated that the biggest reason why he wants this fight is because the fans would be happy to see that fight. “Cub, I wouldn’t be asking for him if he was going down, but he just fought Hakeem (Dawodu) in a very nice fight and Hakeem is a very capable man,” Jourdain said.

“He’s one of my fellow Canadians. Yes, it was for some people controversial, but Cub looked fantastic in there. It’s a big name. It’s a fun fight for me. It’s a fun fight for the fans. They can use the fact that I’ve been calling him out since I was 23 years old and yeah to build up something. If he wants to”.