Bryan Battle unsatisfied despite winning Saturday at Fight Night 228

Bryan Battle statement about his last fight

by Sededin Dedovic
Bryan Battle unsatisfied despite winning Saturday at Fight Night 228
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Bryan Battle defeated AJ Fletcher last Saturday in a fight that was certainly the most interesting, at least for the MMA audience in general. A good fight from both fighters although Battle won by stoppage in the second round.

The fight between the two was the main card of UFC Fight Night 228, so no wonder there was so much interest in the match. We have seen many times that the main card does not necessarily mean the best fight of the evening, but this time it was the case.

Bryan Battle is happy about the win, but not happy with his performance

To the astonishment of the press and the audience, Battle said that he was really unhappy with his performance, regardless of the fact that he emerged as the winner.

He promised his audience that he would do even better from now on and that such a bad performance would not happen again. It's a bit of a strange statement, but it's certainly something fans like to hear. “Honestly, with the type of work me and my coaches were doing, I kind of underperformed a little bit,” Battle said at a post-fight news conference.

“I was really gunshy in that first round. I was really tentative. But after he sent that big shot out, I was like, ‘OK, it’s time to fight now. It’s time to wake up. Let’s go.’ Honestly, there wasn’t a lot of surprising once I was in there”.

as quoted by MMAJunkie. “For a multitude of reasons,” Battle said when asked why he underperformed. “One, you always want to get your range and timing and all that. I guess I just felt so prepared for this fight, I didn’t want to do anything silly and make any goofy mistakes.

I didn’t want to give up a takedown because I was too aggressive. He’s shown explosive takedowns and really good top control, and I didn’t want to give that to him”.