Dos Santos believes that Jones will have a difficult task against Miocic

Dos Santos statemant about Jones vs Miocic fight

by Sededin Dedovic
Dos Santos believes that Jones will have a difficult task against Miocic
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Junior Dos Santos talked about his life in general, he also touched on his career and his beginnings. What caused the most reaction from the public was his review of the match with the heavyweight belt, which awaits us in the foreseeable future.

The legendary Junior Dos Santos gave his opinion on the match of the year coming up in the 11th month. Of course, it is a fight between Jon Jones (36, 27-1-1) and Stipe Miocic (41, 20-4). He pointed out that he admires Stipe and claims that he can cause problems for the big 'Bones'

Junior Dos Santos: I really admire Stipe, he is a great fighter

When someone with a lot of experience in MMA like Junior Dos Santos says that it will be a great fight and uncertain, then we have to be sure that it will be like that.

Dos Santos emphasizes that the match will be uncertain, and that many are mistaken who say that Jones is the absolute champion. Dos Santos himself remembers how strong Stipe's punch is, and he said that it is enough for one punch to reach Jones and that could be the end of the match.

" If there is someone who can challenge Jon Jones now, it is Stipe Miocic. I really admire Stipe, he is a great fighter with solid wrestling experience. The UFC and Dana White made the right decision. This is a fight that will excite all fans, and I will not miss it.

It makes sense" - pointed out the former UFC champion. The Brazilian's words really carry weight, because he experienced the power of Stipe's punch. Namely, he was knocked out by Miocic, who defended his belt against 'Gypsy' in 2017.

The fight is scheduled for November 11, and it will give us the answer to the question, who is the best fighter of all time? It will be a great event, in addition to the super fight for the heavyweight belt, we will see a couple of very good fights.

It seems to us that the UFC has recently begun to respond to the wishes of its audience and is making fights for which there is great interest. We agree with Junior that it will be uncertain and that Miocic is a real rival to Jones, but we would not predict the outcome now, we will wait and see how it will end.