Tyron Woodley expressed his desire to return to the UFC just to beat Adesanya

Tyron Woodley statement about his possible return to UFC

by Sededin Dedovic
Tyron Woodley expressed his desire to return to the UFC just to beat Adesanya
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Tyron Woodley who was the UFC welterweight champion ended his career in the UFC in 2021 after several consecutive defeats. After that, he had quite a turbulent period, several fights, the most interesting of which was the fight with YouTuber Jake Paul, both of which he lost, one of them by knockout.

Tyron Woodley was a guest on the Jaxxon Podcast with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and answered many questions of interest to the MMA audience. However, the most interest was caused by his statement that he could return to the UFC because he wants to beat Israel Adesanya.

Tyron Woodley: I don't like Adesanya, I'd stomp that moron

“The only thing that would get me back to the UFC, the only person I would just want to beat the f*ck out of is Israel Adesanya,” Woodley said on the JAXXON PODCAST with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

“I don’t like him”. “Because he cap,” Woodley explained. “He was never Israel Adesanya. ‘How do I do this again? I filter myself now … Israel Adesanya.’ I get on the same show, TMZ, they asked me who was next up.

I said, ‘I like this Israel kid. He’s kind of different, but he’s got some pizazz. He’s got his own character. He’s flashy, but he’s a good martial artist. I think he’s the next one to watch out for.’ This is when he first started.

I already gave you respect. “Then they asked me who did I want to fight? Whoever is at the top. So you’re at the top, my brother, so salute. I never wanted to fight Nick or Nate (Diaz) or (Michael) Bisping, or Conor (McGregor), or Georges (St-Pierre) because I thought they were weak, easy or they were whack.

I thought they was the best. To be the best, you’ve got to beat the best”. as quoted by MMAJunkie.