Gilbert Burns believes that Leon Edwards is the best Welterweight fighter right now


Gilbert Burns believes that Leon Edwards is the best Welterweight fighter right now
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Gilbert Burns believes that Leon Edwards is currently the best UFC welterweight fighter. Whoever is Leon Edwards' next opponent has no chance of taking the belt from him. Burns also believes that Edwards is the most underrated fighter in the entire organization right now.

The reason he cites is that the current welterweight champion doesn't talk much and doesn't argue with his opponents and journalists, so the audience thinks he's very soft.

Gilbert Burns: Leon Edwards will beat Colby Covington anytime

Gilbert Burns adds that the UFC will probably choose Colby Covington as the next opponent for Edwards, although he personally believes that Colby did not deserve that opportunity and will not be a worthy opponent for the UFC champion.

“I think Leon Edwards will win any day of the week,” Burns told Middle Easy. “I think he has way better striking, very sharp striking. Super, super good striking with managing the distance, controlling wrestling defense.

He had a lot of words of praise for Leon Edwards, he thinks he has improved his fighting style a lot and his wrestling is much better. There is certainly a lot of truth in Burns' words. Gilbert Burns has repeated several times that Colby Covington is not worthy of being a challenger for the belt.

He mentioned the name of Belal Muhammad who already defeated Giblert Burns in 2021, regardless of that fact he believes that he is a real challenger for Leon Edwards.
“His wrestling defense got so much better, and his grappling is super underrated.

I think Leon Edwards is very, very good. Because he doesn’t fight so often, people kind of underrate him a little bit, but I think he’s very good. He’ll beat Colby, and he will beat Belal Muhammad”. as quoted by MMAJunkie. “I don’t think Colby deserves (the title shot),” Burns said.

“Belal’s the next one there with him. I still think UFC’s going to make Colby against Leon, even though he doesn’t deserve, but they’re still going to do it”.

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