Dana White can't believe what Arum said about his fighter

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Dana White can't believe what Arum said about his fighter

It's no secret that Dana White and Bob Arum can't stand each other, and the UFC president proved it once again when he decided to fiercely criticize the famous boxing promoter for his statements about Terence Crawford.

Namely, the WBO world champion in the welterweight category recorded another impressive victory last weekend by stopping in the fourth round of the Briton Kelly Brook, but that did not stop Arum from complaining that one of the best boxers in the world did not become as big a star as he hoped.

Arum described Crawford in an interesting way and seems to have aimed to humiliate him “I could build a house in Beverly Hills from the money I’ve lost on him in the last three fights,” Arum said talking to The Athletic.

"No one is questioning Crawford's ability. By convincingly beating a naturally larger opponent, he has sent a big message. But you can have the best opera singer in the world, but if fans don't support him, you'll lose your job," Arum added.

White answered him

White, of course, didn't stay quiet once he listened to Bob's statements ... White was shocked by his statements, but not just him but the entire public. It is amazing that a person like Arum says such things about his fighters that bring him income and without which his organization cannot function.

White made the comparison and believes the public would have been much harsher had he made such statements. He considers the payment of fighters to be the obligation of every promoter and that this should not be discussed at all "Can you just imagine me saying that? Are you kidding me? You'd kill me if I said that.

You wouldn't stop. It's not his wife's problem, it's your problem. It's not up to him to figure out how to make money. You signed a contract with that kid and now it's your job to promote him. All those fighters I signed with" "Just look at how crowded our roster is.It's the biggest in the company's history.

I have to pay those kids and how I'm going to pay them isn't theirs but my problem. Imagine me complaining about how much money I have to give Conor McGregor and saying I could already buy a house in Beverly Hills from it. It’s your job, ”the UFC president said at a press conference.