Jack Della Maddalena wants to fight one more time before the year ends

Jack Della Maddalena happy with a win, looks forward to his future matches.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jack Della Maddalena wants to fight one more time before the year ends
© Amy Kaplan/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The recent welterweight battle between Kevin Holland and Jack Della Maddalena was fairly competitive; Della Maddalena secured a split decision win against Kevin Holland and will now propel seamlessly in the welterweight division.

Della Maddalena will move higher in the top 15 rankings, and if he continues to win like this, he will surely get an opportunity to fight against someone from the top 5. Kevin Holland's strong 2 match winning streak has been broken again; he will have to prove himself on a few more occasions before he can get an opportunity to fight against well known and higher ranked opponents.

Jack Della Maddalena is pleased with the win and wants to show up one more time before this year ends; it will be interesting to see who he ends up fighting next.

Jack Della Maddalena reflects on the match

In the post fight press conference, Jack Della Maddalena shared his thoughts on the recent win against Kevin Holland and reflected on his overall performance.

“He’s hard to read and I didn’t know what to expect going in there, so I just wanted to be defensively sound in landing shots,” Della Maddalena said, as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com. “I wanted to try to take him out into the last round, but yeah, he was hard to read.

… I was trying (to get a finish). I’ve got to be defensively sound. I’ve got to try to not get my head splattered across the cage. I want to be defensively sound and pick my shots. I was trying”. Della Maddalena on what he wants next: “I probably want to get one more in before the end of the year, I’ll just go back home, make the long journey home, get back into training and try to book the next fight”.